Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Age of loneliness

Felt odd coming back to an empty flat. Yes there is a consolation as Satish will be coming back soon and Takur will be joining us. But looking back, my three year stay in Flat no: 415, B1, Chitrawani has been eventful. Over the years the number of members reduced from an all time high of six to the current low of three (including Satish & Takur). The exodus started one year back by Bibya’s marriage. The last one happened this Saturday with Loki getting married. For me, all of this appears to have happened very fast. No more I can fight with Tarun over VH1, Star Movies and HBO, can discuss crap with Loki (We have debated over all sort of crap under the sun).  

Normally it will be 9:00 P.M when all the members will be getting back to the flat. (Strike out Loki, his normal time is between 11:30 P.M to whatever time). Everyone is tired and frustrated by the day’s work, but it does not come in the way of a good fight / healthy debate (Inclusion of Loki in healthy debates normally ends with him getting beaten up).  For outsiders the topic of fights may look like crazy, but for us it is just normal. Economic growth trends comparison between India and China, Inflation and its impact on common man and banking norms are just some of the topics. I do not why people view these topics as queer.

They say that marriage is a life changing event in a Man’s life, but in this case marriage of my room mates are turning out be life changing events for me. I no longer feel like watching English entertainment channels and am viewing the topics like debt burden of Dubai as odd topics.

It is only a matter of time before Satish and Takur will move out, then what. I am staring into gloom. I can feel the insanity that’s creeping in. God please save me.


Tarun Surana said...

By the time Thakur (and not Takur) and Satish moves out...as they too get married, only a woman (and not god) can save you. Find that woman, whom you will call your better half, and get married!!
Once you are married...not even god can save you!!

Satish said...

Mallu, start searching for a girl. Otherwise, this gloom will happen again and again.

Vivek said...

Each one of us, of Flat No. 415, used to see each other' faces everyday in the morning and evening. We fought, we shouted, we argued, we celebrated the occasions, we laughed on the fond memories of IMDR. We knew that however deep is the shit we were in Office, we will be happy on returning to flat No. 415. So in our sub-conscious, we had made a comfort-zone which included (and still includes but in a different way) each one of the six.
Now as 3 of us have moved out permanently and 2 must be marrying soon, you won’t have anyone to share anything be it frustration of office in a typical way, which we guys were used to, with each other.
Believe me, you are not alone to feel this 'typical loneliness'. I bet Loki and Surana must be feeling that kinda loneliness. It is not easy to go through the transition from bachelorship to a married person. I felt the same way for some time after getting married. Shweta would vouch for that.
I am undecided that whether marriage is a solution for this or not for you. I think you still believe that you want to enjoy the bachelorship for some more time.
Keep posting!!!!

Sunil said...

you are right Vivek, right i dont have anyone to share my frustration with, when i need the most as im going through deep shit.

As you said even im not sure if marriage is a solution or not, after all its an experiment.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chill Sunile, if I come to mumbai, i'll fight with you. haha n weekends we'll come to Pune n fight with the rest here. hows that? lets start a fight club!

Sunil said...

Fight with you..i would like to live a bit more...Starting a fight club seems interesting as long as i am the organizer.

Saish said...

Chill Sunil'e. Isnt Bacherlorhood fun? The flat's all empty, what are you waiting for macha. Keep having the coffee:)

Btw, Time Vivya joins IMDR. He has started giving gyan consistently. Look at the lenght of his comment. Lol.

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