Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Watched 3 idiots during the weekend and like majority of people used numerous adjectives to praise the movie. The message embedded in the movie was clearly delivered and I will be ruminating over it till a new issue comes up. Underdog movies have always been one of my favorite genre and I blindly cling on the message being delivered. I am aware of the fact that a carefully scripted movie sequence cannot be replicated in real life, still such movies generate hope. It’s a funny thing, this hope; feeds the mind to look at the brighter side.

I do not know if this is the effect that such movies have on others. Or is it that I am getting swayed because of the absence of hope in my life. I am convincing myself that the latter is not true and am finding reasons to justify my conclusion. This is a battle which I feel I am losing and sooner or later I will succumb. God I need to break from this mundane life, this feeling of inactivity and stagnation.


Vivek said...


Simple things in life do not need well sequenced scenes in movie. Take it the other way around. Some scenes of a movie seem well sequenced because those are representing simple things in life.

But let me caution you. The absence of hope and air of negativity around you are just the symptoms. What's the cause then? Just ask urself the question 'what u wanna do in life?'. I know, it's in fashion these days after 3 idiots.

But ask urself sincerly. Will you be happy doing the same work, u r doing now, for ur whole life? Do you love what u r doing? Do you feel excited in the morning that u r going to workplace? Do you generate ideas to do something new in the domain/field you are working in?

I have asked these questions to myself and for most of the questions the answer comes as BIG NO.

You are not alone. but might be the case you need to be honest while answering to get the right path, tough might be!!!

Sunil said...

BIG NO - I agree in that front. And ya im never honest while answering. not listening to my heart. But then you of all the people know that well.

Anonymous said...

Hope & Sex always sells! ;-)

Sunil said...


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