Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waking up to the art scene - well not quite

I have just completed my third anniversary in Mumbai, slowly becoming a true mumbaikar. For the uninitiated it means following the routine commute – work – commute –sleep (repeat). During these three years I have never given much thought to getting to know the big city. I saw it as a compromise for “enhancing my career in the financial capital of the country”. Convinced myself that the cause I championed was the best one. What the crap, whom am I trying to fool.

So one day I decided it is time to get to know my city better. For starters I wanted to check out the art scene, you know galleries, plays and stuff like that. No luck there, apart from few good experiences nothing got me hooked. Then came music. Now here is one area where I am the king (at least among my circle). To date I have not attended a single concert as I wanted to save money. It’s another matter that the money that I spend on my one time meal outside is more than the average ticket price of any concert. Also there was this small problem of stag entry. Thanks to my flamboyance, the female species have always kept a safe distance (working hard to bridge that gap, comments welcome. Sarcasm – why don’t you shove it down you *** buddy).

That’s when I came across an event in Blue Frog. I cannot categorize the place; they serve food, booze and hosts gigs, plays and movie screenings. The event that caught my attention was a concert by Berkeley College of Music, Boston. Since it was a free event, plus stag entry meant a perfect setting for me. So on January 10th 2010 I start out. The event was slated to start by 9:00 P.M and I reached by 8:30 P.M. Hanged around for a while, chatted with couple of employees and finally went it. To my dismay I was the only one who was without company, but then I was determined and so ordered a coke and sat. The event finally started by 9:30 P.M. They were playing progressive Jazz, something I have never heard. I hanged around till 11:00 P.M and then headed home. The concert was good, but it did not make me a fan of jazz music. But the next time when I come across jazz, I will not ignore it.

More than the concert, it was the experience of going alone for a concert that made me happy. All around me people were talking and making merry I was a lone bird. The experience also helped me to overcome my embarrassment of going alone for a social event. Now I feel like I am ready to explore Mumbai.


Anonymous said...

dude I have done that many times alone. n now even after marriage i go alone to NFAI, PIFF. It's taste you see. I got the liberty or luxury of doing it haha

Saish said...

Finally the malu is walking all Alone. Keep walking the Johhy walker, oops Beetles way :)

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