Friday, January 22, 2010


With most of my buddies finding solace in their passion photography, i did an introspection on what inspires me. I went through activities that inspires me, while secretly comparing it with my friends new found passions. Nothing came to my mind. Set me thinking, figured out the mistake - comparison. It has always been my bane, be it studies, sports et all.

Freed my mind and got a clarity. It was not a revelation, in fact it was visible plainly while i chose to ignore it - MUSIC. Thats what inspires me, which i am addicted to. Its been close to fifteen years since i have been introduced to rock music, but apart from enjoying i dont have any idea rock music. I have decided to explore my  passion for music, started with exploring Led Zeppelin one of the biggest band in the history of music. To start of i bought "When Giants Walked the Earth" - a biography of Zeppelin by Mick Wall, a veteran rock journalist. I have not tried out books of such genre so was doubtful whether i would like it. Started reading it couple of days back and am enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

That's good. May be you can become a rock music expert being interviewed on television some day ;-)

Sunil said...

that is just a bonus..main thing is to become a major force in the indian rock movement :)

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