Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL IV : Bringing out the jingoist in me

Unlike few of my buddies, I am no sports fanatic. I follow a few passively and cricket is one of them. That’s exactly why I didn’t felt all that excited about IPL. As expected IPL has taken the cricketing world by storm. Dedicated fan bases, the kind that you only see in European football clubs took root in no time. Although I track all the clubs, like all Mumbaiker’s I too have a special affection towards the Mumbai Indians.

All that is going to change, the IPL itself is going to see a transition and complete makeover. You see the Mallu’s are here, 9th team in IPL from the great Cochin will be featuring from IPL IV onwards. The 9th IPL team, Mallu Pulikal is going to be an unstoppable force, like any malayalle that you come across. The Pulikal’s are going to crush every one who come their way (Of course, except Sachin).The name Cochin Pulikal might not be the official one, but the essence remains the same.

GO MALLU PULIKAL’s GO……..The whole of Kerala and Middle East is supporting you along with every mallu from New York to Timbuktu


Saish said...

M wondering if their matches will be played in Dubai or the rest of India. Bcoz i dnt see mallus in kerela any longer. Lol:)

Vivek said...

Hehehehe... all falvors of South India are now here wit in IPL with the arrival of Kochin.

I can see the passion... thats the magic of IPL... a 'not-so-excited-for-cricket' kinda guy is waiting for IPL-4.

hope. they will do well.... but they will stand nowhere in front of Sachin AND RAJASTHAN ROYALS.


Sunil said...

saish...we are present all across the world, with Mallu Pulikal team, IPL will go truely international. will reacch across all those countries where cricket is not a relegion

Sunil said...

bibya..not fair..cant drag sachin into for rajasthan royals...we are gonna whip their ass, just like the current season

Vivek said...

Sunil, Mallus are struggling with current crisis regarding Kochi-team owners!!!

What will happen to your dreams mate of seeing mallus, wearing lungis :-), playing against the likes of Sachin?

My sympathies but why to venture into something so expensive by sourcing the funds from more than 1000 owners? ;-)

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